May 07, 2010 at 07:03 PM EDT

Image Credit: Splash NewsDon. Don! Over here. I’m writing you this fan/love letter in my brainwaves. Why don’t you ever pick me up like this? I could be your makeup artist and I wouldn’t dream of holding an open bottled beverage so close to your white shirt. You could just keep running, you know. You wouldn’t have to return me. No way would you incur any late fees on the library book Meditations in an Emergency because I would not report the crime to the police. Where would you want to go? Maybe we could drive down the coast in this hot red car. You’d snap, “This fresh ocean breeze has mussed up my coif. Fix it,” and I would.

Jon Hamm on-set for season 4 of ‘Mad Men’ in San Pedro, CA, 5/5/2010

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