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'Jack's Big Music Show' vs. 'Rachel Maddow': Kids watch the darndest things

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Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/MSNBC; Noggin/NickRachel Maddow is my six-month-old baby’s favorite TV personality. Maybe it’s the sing-song cadence of Maddow’s voice. Maybe it’s the bright colors of her set. Maybe it’s her politics. Whatever it is, Chloe will sit quietly whenever Maddow is grilling conservatives or waxing on about infrastructure.

This was a surprise. As a new parent, I’ve been combing the channels looking for children’s shows that would be both entertaining for Chloe as well as educational. So far, she hasn’t shown much interest in anything on kiddy TV. I’m the only one who seems to be having any fun. I’ve sat with Chloe on my lap through five full episodes of Jack’s Big Music Show on Nick Jr., giddily tapping my foot and clapping my hands, shouting “Yippee!” on cue, along with the show’s adorable puppets. (David Rudman, the guy who voiced Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, is the brains behind this enchanting little series.) Chloe, though, just fusses through it all, waiting for me to switch the channel to MSNBC.

So here’s the challenge, PopWatchers: Help me find a kid’s show that my baby daughter will enjoy more than she does cable news. What’s the best, healthiest, and most entertaining show for kids on the air today?