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Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns action hero, Stan Lee searches for real-life 'X-Men' (Excess Hollywood)

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  • Hipster hero Joseph Gordon-Levitt ((500) Days of Summer) is in final negotiations to star in action flick Premium Rush, and may star in the thriller Looper. My guess is that Gordon-Levitt will have a tough time getting away from the bad guys though, because it’s really difficult to run in skinny jeans. [THR]
  • Nerdgasm alert: Stan Lee is teaming with the History channel for Stan Lee’s Superhumans, a show that follows the comic book icon as he discovers people whose genetics give them remarkable abilities. That sound you just heard was Sheldon exploding. [THR]
  • Sam Rockwell will play a bar owner in search of aliens in Jon Favreau’s adaptation of Cowboys and Aliens. Well, that’s a step up from expendable crewman No. 6, right? [THR]
  • Can you handle the truth? This one’s pretty easy to take in: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will present at the MTV movie awards to promote their summer flick Knight and Day. [People]
  • Motion Picture Corporation of America has acquired rights to a 2004 Vanity Fair article co-written by Hunter S. Thompson. The article focused on a miscarriage of justice, when Lisl Auman was charged with murder and handed a life sentence for a crime she clearly was not present to commit. Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Benicio Del Toro, and Woody Harrelson helped overturn her sentence in 2005. Are they the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? [THR]
  • Spike TV is in the midst of developing comedy projects with John Schneider, Danny Masterson, and Denis Leary, who is acting as producer on Rebel League, a show about a team of misfit hockey players. Since the foul-mouthed Leary’s behind it, it really should be called The Mighty F—ks, right?[THR]
  • Speaking of: Alex Holdridge (In Search of a Midnight Kiss) is in talks with Fox Searchlight to direct a rom-com called The F-Word. Mmm…fudge… [L.A. Times]