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Ryan Kwanten keeps his shirt on for 'Glamour.' Good for him. (Bad for us.)

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Image Credit: Dewey Nicks for GLAMOURThis just in: A publication has done a photo shoot with True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten and allowed him to keep his shirt on. I fear this will become a trend.

Glamour enlisted the actor’s help for a fashion spread, 100 Nights of Summer Hotness. To counter for the curious lack of abs, they had the female model straddle him in three of the seven photos. Fair trade on the sexy scale?

P.S. In case you can’t read the tiny print, I would say the highlights of the interview are learning that he wore Incredible Hulk boxers to the photo shoot and that he fantasizes about being an apple picker. “They’re the happiest people in the world! I’m a huge apple fan,” he says. “I’m a connoisseur.”

P.P.S. Anyone else wish they had a high school locker to hang this in for the next month?