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Our new Popular on Facebook module explained

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Our new Popular on Facebook module is designed to showcase the EW.com articles, blog posts, and photo galleries that your friends are sharing on Facebook.

To see which EW.com stories your friends recommend, just visit EW.com’s home page while you’re logged in to Facebook. (You can also log in to Facebook via the Popular on Facebook module.) Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your friends’ activity on EW.com at the top of the module; if there’s no recent activity, you’ll see a list of other stories being shared on Facebook by a random mix of anonymous EW readers.

Want to share your activity on EW.com with your Facebook friends? Here’s how:

  • Click on the Facebook icon embedded in any story, blog post, or photo gallery slide, or…
  • Click and drag a headline or photo onto the large Facebook icon that appears on your screen, or…
  • Simply click the “Share Page” button on the Meebo tool bar at the bottom of your browser window. (You can also use our Meebo tool bar to  share EW.com content via e-mail, Twitter, AIM, or Google Talk.)

When you share an EW.com story via one of these methods, any of your Facebook friends who visit EW.com while logged into Facebook will see your name, Facebook profile photo, and the story you shared displayed in the Popular on Facebook module. EW.com will not display your name or image to anyone who isn’t your Friend on Facebook. Note: Your name, photo, and the story you shared may appear on Facebook.com on your wall and in your friends’ news feeds, depending on your Facebook privacy settings.

Have more questions or concerns about sharing your activity on Facebook? Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or send us an e-mail.

Happy surfing,