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Stephen Hawking: Things we've learned

As ”Into the Universe” premieres on Discovery, we look at what the astrophysicist has taught us

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Famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking made news this week with the premiere of his Discovery docuseries Into the Universe when he noted that contacting aliens could be dangerous. This Sunday’s installment (airing at 9 p.m.) is titled ”The Story of Everything,” but here are a few tidbits we’ve already gleaned.

Time travel is theoretically possible — if you’re very, very small. Wormhole time tunnels exist everywhere, but they are only a billion-trillion-trillionths of a centimeter wide.

Aliens could be living right around the corner. There may be water miles beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa in which aquatic life-forms could live.

And they won’t come in peace. They may be incredibly advanced and just want our resources. So please, stop calling them.