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'Legend of the Seeker' fans: Don't hold out hope

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Despite a small but rabid fanbase that is actively trying to save the syndicated show,  Legend of the Seeker is still expected to sunset on May 22. A spokeswoman for ABC Studios would not comment, but a source close to the show that’s based on Terry Goodkind’s fantasy novels said repeats will continue to run through early November but the studio is not expected to produce a third season. Given the current state of costly yet low-rated genre shows (see V, FlashForward), it’s unlikely that Legend will find another production home.

The show from Hercules/Xena: Warrior Princess producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert made a splash at Comic-Con two years ago and had a strong first season, but a combination of factors hurt the drama: Many of the Tribune stations dropped the syndicated series from Saturday nights, and international sales all but disappeared. Overseas sales help to prop up high-concept series, which is why NBC’s low-rated Heroes is still on the air (at least, for now). 

Legend marked a comeback, of sorts, for the once vibrant first-run market. Syndicated dramas like Hercules and Xena used to be the bread and butter of independent TV stations, but then off-net runs of procedural dramas like CSI and Law & Order saturated the market so shows like Kung Fu: the Legend Continues, Darkman and Babylon 5 were no longer needed.