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'Chuck' fans plan SOS flash mobs. Have you ever tried to save a favorite show?

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Image Credit: Mitchell HaasethApparently last year’s Subway sandwich campaign wasn’t enough. Because, as you might have guessed, NBC’s geek action adventure series Chuck is on the bubble yet again. This time, though, fans aren’t using silly cold cuts and squeezy-bottle mayonnaise to save their show—nope, instead they’re planning flash mobs! Chuck fans are set to gather, all dressed in the Buy More-style clothing of the show (see Zac Levi’s apparel, at left), and stage themed rallies in Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, and Philadelphia on Monday. The idea was hatched by Chuck fansite, ChuckTV.net, which also launched the Subway-based “Finale and a Footlong” campaign last season.

Talk about extreme measures, Chuck fans. Part of me wonders if every show—remember the save Jericho effort, which found fans sending zillions of pounds of nuts to CBS—should only get one such save-our-show campaign? Because it seems like this plan, even if it does succeed to save the show for another season, is only staving off the inevitable, which is cancellation.

But based on this news, I wanna hear from you: What have you done to save your favorite shows? Anything? Network deliveries? Demonstrations? Some sort of ritual sacrifice? Or maybe just a strongly-worded email? Lemme know below… I bet you all have good stories.

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky