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'Bones' recap: Rockin' and rollin' and whatnot

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Drama, Crime
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David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel
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I debated titling this recap “Testicle Festival,” but since we never found out what caused the victim — a rich poser at a rock & roll fantasy camp, murdered by a fellow camper — to have a prosthetic gonad, it didn’t feel right.

For me, the fantasy camp fell a little flat — I didn’t know the guy playing famous guest guitarist Erik Dalton was Josh Todd from Buckcherry. I just sorta thought he looked like Carey Hart. Nor did I understand how cool it was that Michael Des Barres played the camp’s frontman, Simon Graham, until I looked him up online. So basically, I’m about as uncool as Bones here, and I get that. All that was left for me to appreciate was the comedy of Booth wearing the dolphin tie the marine biologist gave him around his head and Brennan strapping on a guitar (it’s not dissimilar to some tribal lute she learned how to play once) to sing “Hot Blooded,” which we all remember as their song from the season 1 episode “Two Bodies in the Lab.” That’s the one in which someone was trying to kill Brennan, so Booth went to her apartment to watch over her and discovered that she has no TV (of course I would remember that), but that she did own a music collection that includes Foreigner. After their air session on “Hot Blooded,” Booth went to the fridge to get a drink and it blew up, putting him in the hospital. After hitching a ride in Hodgins’ tiny car, Booth ended up rescuing Brennan from a dirty FBI agent (Adam Baldwin), and they shared that embrace. Then Brennan went to visit a shirtless Booth (of course I would also remember that) back at the hospital, and instead of going on her date with the guy she’d been chatting with online and on the phone, she stayed with him.

Remembering all that, you realize how well that song actually fit into this episode and how “Two Bodies in the Lab” anticipated where Booth and Brennan would end up — choosing to spend time with each other instead of dates, being willing to die for one another. I thought it was a minor breakthrough that Brennan — who’d been obsessed all episode with the “social contract” Booth had with the marine biologist by accepting that tie — expressed how much she valued their partnership at the end. That could have led into a discussion about how the two of them were really feeling about each other dating, but it’s too soon to go there. Instead, Brennan admitted that Hacker had made her a music mix that she’d liked, save this band named Led Zeppelin (which was a personal affront to both Booth and David Boreanaz, I’m sure). Through a conversation with Cam, Brennan confirmed that she’s not taking her relationship with Hacker seriously. She prefers to be alone. She likes Hacker, but not like Booth… I mean, not like Booth wants to like someone. Revealing slip? Cam basically told Brennan life could surprise her (in scientific terms that Brennan would understand), and maybe one day she’d find that she does want to commit to someone. Cam never thought she’d be dating after she adopted Michelle, but there she was, GOING OUT TO LUNCH WITH MICHELLE’S GYNOCOLOGIST. That was so inappropriate it made me yell at the TV. I want to see Cam happy — and to get some action at least, if they can’t give her more screentime — so I’m glad Michelle said she should keep seeing Dr. Lidner (guest star Elon Gold, who I’d welcome back). Her only request: just find her a new doctor, a female this time.

In other developments, Hodgins is going to be a ringer on Arastoo’s mosque’s baseball team and compete against churches and synagogues. Oh, could we only see that. Also, Hodgins thought Angela’s knowledge of the murder weapon, a 57 Gibson Les Paul, courtesy of her dad, was hot, he means, interesting. The promo for next week’s episode showed them about to kiss. It’s about time!

What was your favorite line from the episode? I’ll nominate:

“It’s amazing you go from injured testicles to the woman I’m dating.” — Booth to Brennan, on her segue

“I have to say that this whole finding ID by testicle definitely beats facial reconstructions.” — Angela to Cam, as she got the serial number off what appeared to Cam to be a giant prosthetic

“Suddenly the inside of my pants isn’t such a happy place.” — Dalton, after Brennan revealed she was a Toad the Wet Sprocket fan (Is it wrong I was hoping she would, at some point, have to punch him?)

“I know it’s wrong, but I am liking our killer better than our victim.” — Sweets, who we’ve known has been a hardcore music fan since the metal episode

What did you think of the episode? Did you buy that Brennan had never heard of Kurt Cobain? (Really? Maybe she couldn’t name a song, but she wouldn’t know his name?) How psyched are you for next week when Booth and Brennan investigate witches, which sends Boreanaz into the woods on patrol? It’s probably too much to ask for a Buffy or Willow reference, huh?