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NBC to host Prince Charles' environmental special, Healthy Week

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Image Credit: Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty ImagesWhy, ‘ello there govna: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Prince Charles is headed to NBC to appear in an environmental special called Harmony, which will air during the network’s Green Week this fall. (Is Prince Charles cooler than Greenzo? I can’t tell. Somebody help me out.)

But don’t whip out the bangers and mash in celebration. Because today, the network also announced its Healthy Week initiative, which will kick off June 21. Apparently, NBC plans to incorporate “nutritional literacy, obesity, and fitness” into their programs, which I guess means we’ll be seeing acts on America’s Got Talent who will juggle on a treadmill while simultaneously cooking up a Greek egg white omelet. Either that, or NBC’s Healthy Week will be entirely made of of The Biggest Loser episodes, which, as the show’s recapper, will only prove to be bad for my health and sanity.

Either way, it’s too bad NBC couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate Prince Charles into Healthy Week. Because as we see in this photo, the guy can sell a head of lettuce. Also: I would love to see Jillian Michaels whip him into shape. Anyone else?