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'Panic Attack': Can a reality show help you conquer your phobia?

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Image Credit: Indeed/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesWhat are your greatest fears? Heights? Tight spaces? Snakes? Well, never ride in a glass elevator filled with snakes. But also, rejoice! The god of reality TV has sent us salvation from our phobias. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has ordered a reality TV pilot called Panic Attack, in which contestants will face the things they fear the most with the help of a pair of married therapists. Fear Factor, you say? Sure, but whereas Fear Factor quickly devolved into a game of Who Likes Bull Testicles?, Panic Attack seems to have a triumph-of-the-human-spirit bent.

Now, when you think “a pair of married therapists,” you’re probably imagining a bookish couple who met in Psych 101 and host pleasant dinner parties. Think again! The therapists are Nik and Eva Speakman, who are identically blonde and buff. They look like married supervillains who won’t stop picking on Captain America. This indicates that Panic Attack‘s form of therapy will almost certainly be extreme, and perhaps extreme to the max. The couple star in a U.K. series called A Life Coach Less Ordinary. British people, can we get a value judgment here?

PopWatchers, would you like to see people conquer their greatest fears on TV, particular if they happened to be conquering your fears? And won’t it be fun if the show actually lasts long enough to move beyond the obvious fears? You know you want to see the episode about people suffering from triskaidekaphobia. And what do I do if my greatest fear is people who look like Eastern European terrorists from an old Bruce Willis movie?