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'DWTS': Your Hidden Gems of Week 6!

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Thank you, DANCMSTRs, for your fabulous Hidden Gem of the Week nominations! After the jump, Vienna’s one-shouldered tribute to 1985, Buzz Aldrin’s impression of The Princess Bride‘s Miracle Max, a guest appearance by a Damages cast member, a lady’s hairstyle that looks like a balloon, and more. Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

When they were introduced I thought Pamela was Raquel Welch from Fantastic Voyage.” —Potato Bug

“What about that dead cat they slapped on Pamela’s head and tried to pass off as a wig? It wasn’t really hidden, but it was one hell of a gem.” —Ray

“My hidden gem is Vienna’s pink dress with the one huge shoulder. I’m pretty sure my Barbie had the same dress in 1985.” —KellBell NYC, seconded by Katja, gigi, Me, Erin, and April

“Is it just me, or did Mama Pavelka always look like she had just smelled something bad?” —Michele, seconded by Anthony

“The guy with the mustache behind Len would tilt his head and look very interested in what was being said during the judges’ comments. Fantastic nonverbal skills! I’d give him a “sev-en!” —Elizabeth, seconded by gigi: “It was so Burt Reynolds circa Cannonball Run.”

“Possible Hidden Gem: Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of NYC sitting behind Len.” —JAM, seconded by Cathy in NY, Lrigyttiw, Erin, and sofrito

“When they cut to a shot of Buzz and his wife in the audience, it looked just like Miracle Max and his wife from The Princess Bride. My husband paused the DVR and I couldn’t help but shout out, LIAR!” —Lauren, LOLed at by JH, Susan, SofiaRosw, and s-diver43

“The first thing I thought of when I saw Erin’s initial pose in her purple samba outfit was the feather duster character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. “Oooh, Lumiere!!!” —Susan

“Jake’s face behind Brooke when Pamela said “I like to be on top”…priceless!” —Colleen

“I saw Jake’s face, too! That was the one time he cracked me up.” —Lorie

“Totally, he looked like a 10-year-old boy hearing something dirty for the first time — he LOVED it.” —LR

“When the camera was panning across the rest of the people in the “celebriquarium,” Anna & Evan (oblivious to the fact that the camera was going to pan back to them) had their backs turned and were *really* into stretching in preparation for the swing dance marathon.” —orville

“How about Anna smiling at the camera and smoothly pulling at Evan to turn around?? I thought that was so cute! Evan didn’t realize the camera was coming by, and Anna was looking out for him. She didn’t yank him around all crazy, she was very professional about it. I love them!” —JJ

“Damian’s “I Am Free” black hoodie during his rehearsal that he CLEARLY borrowed from Tony.” —Ceballos

“Have to say that I am enjoying Pam and her geriatric cheering section. It looks like Mom and Grandma shared Pam’s Lady Clairol hair colour before the show. Go Pam! Rock it for us over-40 gals!” —Carlie

“I was on the phone with my mother and said, “Hey I think Michael Bolton is in the audience!!!” But I wasn’t sure if that was him.” —Abby, seconded by Lemon

“Has anyone else noticed the creepy Spencer Pratt-esque mustache Derek has?” —maggie, seconded by KarenNJ, JH, and psychoanalyzer

“Loved Niecy’s stone face from the dreadful celebquarium after Nicole & Derek’s Samba.” —BethB, seconded by Sarah X., naynay, and kt

“Maybe that’s not so much a ‘gem’ but a lump of coal.” —JH

“The way they placed the light on Niecy’s cheering section made one particular lady look like a ghost.” —Staci

“Len’s wide-eyed look of confusion & fear when Carrie Ann first raised her arms and crazily shouted “Opa!” —JH

“Carrie Ann breaking it down at the very beginning of the swing dance marathon (right before the camera cut away from the judges and back to the dancers).” —Me

“I don’t know how many Damages fans there are out there, but to me Dr. Axel looks exactly like Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), but with a mustache.” —Ceballos, seconded by KC

“When Bland Brooke was telling viewers how to vote for Evan and Anna, Anna made a gesture to Evan’s chest as if to say “Vote all THIS goodness off? Are you crazy??” —Grace

“Hidden Gem: Woman w/grey hair behind Tom to the left when he introduced Erin. Hairstyle made her look like a balloon!” —KC

“Hidden gem: The couple sharing the 2-liter bottle of water to the left of Tom when he was introducing Maks and Erin.” —old john

“Really, did they think no one could see them? Or were they so parched that they couldn’t wait about 3 more seconds to quench their thirst?” —JH

“Loved the double Tom kiss by Erin and Maks” —LoveTriangle, seconded by duranmom

“When Maks finally re-robed himself, his necklace made it seem like he was wearing a body sock. Maybe the makeup people should work with the spray-on tan folks.” —Aaron, seconded by SofiaRosw

BONUS MAKS/ERIN SHOT! —Annie not wanting to start her recap

“Hidden Gem – quick shot of 3 younger women standing in a row and applauding, seeming mesmerized, after Maks’ shirtlessness.” —talkin’

“Did anyone else notice how Maks was stroking Erin’s side during their interview with Brooke after their dance? Hmmm… hidden gem possibly???” —Skippy, seconded by Aricka Shuck and KC

“Damian ‘strumming’ his fingers on Pam’s hip during the opening lineup.” —Lin, seconded by Staci

“How about that big, sparkly ring on Brooke’s right hand, it loked like a chunk of the Mirrorball trophy!” —glenn

“Brooke Burke’s dress looked like it had a piece of duct tape under her right boob.” —CleverShrew

“Princess Sparkles was paying homage to enthusiastic chimes lady. Giving it up for the band.” —Karen CdM, seconded by Colleen, Aaron, DanceFan, and gigi

“Enthusiastic Chimes Lady was extra enthusiastic at the beginning of tonight’s show! Thanks to Annie for bringing her to my attention. I look for her during every show.” —Liz

DANCMSTR and Bruno “conducting” the Harold Wheeler Ensemble —ANWTSHR

“Hidden gem: A brief glimpse of the real, true atmosphere of Planet Mirrorballus following Chad and Cheryl’s tango. Very hazy, very blue, and very sparkly, especially for the members of the audience visiting from lowly Earth.” —Lady Pirate

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