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'Project Runway': Should Jay be allowed to design for women if he hates them?

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Last night, my DVR said “Models of the Runway,” but thank god it was a 30-minute combo platter Project Runway/Models reunion special, because if I had sat through one more full episode of Models of the Runway, I do believe my head might’ve just rolled right off! Missy alluded to it in her finale recap, but can we talk about Jay’s ridiculous comment to model Cerri? In a clip series, Cerri was shown saying she didn’t like Jay’s design, and then Jay fired back at her during the live show, “That’s why we don’t hire models with bad teeth and thick legs.”

Oh, honeybitch. It’s understandable to take criticism of your work as a personal affront, but you need to let that stuff process at least 30 seconds before proceeding in any way. Grownups do it all the time. I do it with bitchy PopWatch comments nearly every day!

1. Did Jay just sabotage his career?

2. Do you think Brittany has recovered yet?

3. How pretty is Cerri?!?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett