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New $100 bill: Watch the action-packed trailer!

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I’ve been in the market for a new movie trailer to remind me of how rich I am not, so this latest “$100” installment of the new Bills, Bills, Bills franchise co-produced by the U.S. Mint and Destiny’s Child is perfect. (Watch it after the jump.) The dramatic closeups of the 3-D SECURITY RIBBON and BELL IN THE INKWELL really speak to me. From now on, I will demand that the ATM pay me only in Franklins and I’ll walk around tripping everyone out with my COLOR-SHIFTING 100s. They’ll be like, “Am I in the Haunted Mansion?” and I’ll reply, “No, you’re in Annie Barrett’s House of Holograms.” And then they’ll snatch away the bill and flee, and since I have not-great reflexes and a damn near-daunting capacity for conflict avoidance, I’ll just let them.

At least the West Wing-y trailer music will be playing the whole time.