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'I Dream of Jeannie' movie eyes a screenwriter. I'm blinking in anticipation.

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Image Credit: Everett CollectionI have always been a fan of I Dream of Jeannie. I watched every single episode on Nick at Nite in the ’90s, dressed as (a modest) Jeannie as a fourth-grader, and squealed with delight after unwrapping the complete first season on DVD this past Christmas. Yet, I had never desired to see the Barbara Eden-Larry Hagman classic series find its way to the big screen…until now.

You can’t really blame me. We’ve seen the film go through so many iterations, it seemed bound to suffer a disaster of epic, Bewitched-2005 proportions. At one point, Lindsay Lohan was considered for the role of Jeannie. (So was Jessica Alba, Amanda Bynes, and Jessica Simpson. What’s next? Miley Cyrus up for an I Love Lucy reboot? Blasphemy!) But now, the L.A. Times reports that New York playwright Sheila Callaghan is rumored to be attempting a script. One reason I’m optimistic: Callaghan has already penned episodes of The United States of Tara, so she knows how to handle a character that wears lots of different outfits. Also (and more seriously), she has touched on feminist themes in her writing, something she could fold well into an adaptation of a series as dated and feminist-unfriendly as Jeannie.

So does that mean she’ll deliver a script that leads to a movie closer to 1995’s The Brady Bunch Movie than the ’05 Bewitched? I certainly hope so. What better way to deal with a story about a man who allows a subservient to cook, clean, and turn his backyard into paradise than to laugh at the series’ backwards themes? Of course, the real question is how they find an actress without a bellybutton to star.

Are you curious about this possible turn in the Jeannie movie saga, PopWatchers? Or should Jeannie just be contained in her purple lamp bottle?