Jennifer Armstrong
April 20, 2010 at 04:43 PM EDT

Image Credit: Richard Foreman/ABCRomantically Challenged premiered last night, bringing with it characters who say things like “mansicle” without a trace of irony. While watching, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why do comedies that get dating-folk wrong grate on my nerves so much? Is it because I miss Sex and the City still, despite its foibles, like that ex-boyfriend you know wasn’t perfect but seems darn near it once you let him go? I know there are just as many bad sitcoms about married people as there are about singletons, but I guess I just take it more personally when they get the single ones wrong. Or maybe it’s because the ones that get it right are so right — after all, we still have How I Met Your Mother, which, while more about the friendships among the characters than the titular search, is pretty all-around stellar. (And I still look back with amused recognition at, say, the episode when Robin doesn’t shave her legs to stop herself from going too far with her date, then ends up trying to shave her legs in the ladies’ room halfway through the evening.) Maybe it’s just the focus-grouped feeling these ensemble-full-of-commitmentphobes-and-divorcees-ha-ha-ha shows have when the chemistry isn’t there (see: American Coupling). Maybe I would feel the exact same way about terrible married-people shows if I were married.

What do you think, PopWatchers? What did you think of Romantically Challenged? Which singleton-sitcoms get it right?

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