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Emmys 2017
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Ke$ha's amazingly bland Saturday Night Live performances: Watch here



Image Credit: Dana Edelson/NBCKe$ha‘s SNL debut last weekend was supposed to be epic, but the only moderately entertaining thing was her outfits. Her first performance was a star spangled train wreck: The 23-year-old pop star hit the stage to perform her Billboard smash “Tik Tok” looking like a sad man’s Wonder Woman in a shiny gray ensemble and a cape lined with the stars and stripes of the American flag. Vocally, she was only alright. For such a club anthem, Ke$ha’s delivery seemed tame and tired.

Even worse was the second performance of her latest hit, “Your Love is My Drug.” Ke$ha’s body was marked up in glowing paint like a spectacular, trippy tribal hallucination. But again, her delivery was tired. She drunkenly staggered danced across the stage before dropping to her knees to finish. “It’s Saturday night,” she closed. “Do you wanna make out?” No, thanks.

Like a movie with amazing special effects and a poor plot, Ke$ha dropped the ball. Check out her performances after the jump.

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