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'Bones' recap: 'Can we dance, Booth? It's Seal.'

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David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel
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Coming off last week’s awesome 100th episode, Bones could’ve taken a bad, bad turn by trying to pretend that Brennan hadn’t just crushed Booth’s heart. To its credit, it found a fun way to address it: By having Brennan ask him to slow-dance to “Kiss From a Rose” at her class reunion. He originally said no — the correct response for a man trying to protect himself from falling deeper for a woman who says she’s incapable of being with him. But seeing her disappointment, he said yes, insisting they leave room for the Holy Spirit between them. Then, when Brennan teared up because she was finally experiencing the prom she never had, he held her close. Swoon. No wonder every single thirtysomething woman at that reunion hit on him. (Very realistic, by the way, and they hadn’t even seen how good his biceps looked in that FBI T-shirt.) The only thing that could have made that dance scene better is if David Boreanaz had fast-danced to his full potential and not gone for a joke move (was that a sprinkler?) while Brennan did her famous Electric Slide. (I know you think I’m gonna pull out the Angel clip, but I actually prefer his pop-locking on The Graham Norton Show.)

Part of me kept thinking that Brennan and Booth should’ve been dancing close since they were, in fact, undercover as a married couple at her reunion because they didn’t want to cause panic over the return of the Butcher of Burtonsville High. I suppose, however, it made sense for them to be occasionally awkward. Her old classmates already thought of her as strange since her only real friend in high school was the janitor who found her animals to dissect. And really, who was looking? That was the most poorly attended class reunion since my own five-year soirée in 1998, held in the basement of a VFW with a plate of M&Ms and a keg. Does Bones never use enough extras on purpose?

The high school custodian, Mr. Buxley, was played by Robert Englund, A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s original Freddy Krueger. I’ll let those of you who’ve seen an Elm Street discuss any homages. I’m a wimp. Still, even I got the joke of him having all kinds of blades and appearing and disappearing suddenly. He was Brennan’s Mr. Miyagi. Their relationship was actually sweet, once we confirmed he wasn’t the murderer; she’d named the killer in her first book after him. He had the book waiting for her to sign (to the person who taught her about death). In the end, the killer was a smiley girl who’d made a pact with the victim, Evelyn, years ago to kill the prom king’s girlfriend and share him. They’d gotten away with murder then. Evelyn had refused to hand the guy over when her time was up — and so the other girl killed her, expecting to comfort the husband. Creepy.

We got the usual fakeouts. I find it hard to believe Booth and Brennan wouldn’t have told the husband his wife was dead, and, you know, questioned him since the lover is always a person of interest in a murder. Especially when both victims of an alleged urban myth — do we think Brennan had a flashback to the episode “The Headless Witch in the Woods”? — were romantically linked to him. He had money problems and a large life insurance on his wife, the virgin wood shop teacher was delusional and thought Evelyn might want him, and the caterer with her own set of sharp knives had lost her livelihood thanks to Evelyn. Somehow, the murderer was like a Martha Stewart of metal. She’d pushed Evelyn on top of the stars she’d cut to hang from the ceiling at the reunion. (Another question: Do real law enforcement determine angles on murder weapons via cellphone photos? If not, they should. Booth’s awkward face holding the star so Brennan could pretend to snap a keepsake — priceless.)

The episode’s B storyline involved Wendell finding out about Angela’s pregnancy scare accidentally from Hodgins. He told Angela he’d have faced the consequences, done the right thing and married her. Angela realized her sexy saint spoke about her as a duty, not as something he wanted (like Hodgins had). So, she and Wendell had a breakup conversation. Are love triangles ever that healthy? Wendell told Angela she and Hodgins should be together; Hodgins assured Wendell that he treated Angela well and Angela that she left Wendell a better man than she found him. What will finally bring Angela and Hodgins back together? (In my dream world, it’s the return of the Grave Digger. Would be nice symmetry.)

Your turn. How did you like the episode? (Such a better undercover episode than the circus one.) Did it make you relive bad high school memories and be grateful for the good friends you have today? Are you ready to see Booth and Brennan dating (other) people?