Annie Barrett
April 16, 2010 at 06:13 PM EDT

On today’s Ellen Degeneres Show, American Idol‘s Andrew “Am. I. A. Page. In. Your. His. Tor. Y. Book?” Garcia ripped off his jacket to execute a full-twisting handstand. Where was this rare talent all season? He surely could have pulled it out during “Forever” and the judges would have gushed and gushed. Randy would say “You know? I mean. I’m telling you! Baby? I love you. Yeah, it was hot!” Then it would be Mary Murphy’s turn: “Waaaaaaaahhhhhh-oww!” Mary would chime in. Guest judge Lil C would just glare at Andrew and then deliver spoken-word poetry about, like, labor laws. And Simon would just walk out. Watch Andrew perform “Sunday Morning” after the jump.

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