Benjamin Svetkey
April 16, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Why she looks familiar
The actress, 26, played a fellow survivor opposite Will Smith in I Am Legend, and an organ recipient opposite Jude Law in Repo Men.

What’s that accent?
Braga, niece of actress Sonja, is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, although she now lives in Brooklyn. Her first name is pronounced Ah-LEESE (rhymes with police).

What’s she doing in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s old role?
In Predators, Braga plays Isabelle, a Special Forces sniper who finds herself trapped on a jungle planet with a bunch of other alien abductees and hunted like big game by killer creatures on safari. ”She’s a very strong woman,” Braga says of her character. ”To become a sniper, you have to go through very hard training. I read a lot. I searched on the Internet for information on how snipers are trained. I found this Hemingway quote about how once you start hunting man, you become addicted to it. Those are the sorts of things you look for when you go searching for your character.”

Up next
A trip home to Brazil before settling on her next role.

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