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Zac Efron starring in 'Snabba Cash': Wait...Snabba wha?

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High School Musical heart-throb Zac Efron is producing and starring in a remake of Snabba Cash, a Swedish thriller based on a 2006 novel written by Jens Lapidus about three friends involved in the drug trade and organized crime. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Efron will play the central character, a money launderer trying to strike it rich (the title roughly translates to “easy money”) by running cocaine for a dealer. This was reportedly a hot commodity with Warner Bros. and Efron winning rights after a bidding war.

The high school cutie bowed out of the Footloose remake (which is looking like a better idea all the time as it continues to hit snags) because he didn’t want to be typecast as a singing, dancing pretty boy. Money launderer cum drug runner in a remake of a Swedish action thriller sounds like a definite step in that new direction for him. Whaddya think, though, PopWatchers? Can you buy this guy as a bad-boy criminal?