Mandi Bierly
April 14, 2010 AT 03:27 PM EDT

I love Sue Sylvester’s shot-by-shot recreation of Madonna’s “Vogue” video (embedded after the jump), but part of me wishes she’d put even more of herself in it. My favorite bits are the Sue snarl that accompanies the choreographed elbow at 1:50, her pushing away the hairstylist at 2:07, “Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Sue Sylvester, dance on air” at 2:25, and “Lauren, Katherine, Lana, too, Will Schuester, I hate you” (followed by Kurt’s confused look) at 2:33. I suppose they needed to establish that it was a an all-out remake of the video, so they didn’t want to deviate too soon. (Jane Lynch’s dancing at 1:38 is priceless by itself.) And the bits they did tweak toward the end didn’t feel forced. Did it live up to your expectations, exceed them, or leave you wanting more?

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