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Seth MacFarlane to make another animal talk for feature film debut

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Image Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagicFamily Guy has a talking dog. America Dad has a talking fish. And The Cleveland Show has a talking bear. And now it looks like Seth MacFarlane might add a talking Teddy bear to his roster of speaking non-humans. Yes, it appears the animation king is at work on an R-rated feature film called Ted about a man who must choose between his girlfriend and his magical Teddy, who he wished could talk when he was a child. (The wish apparently comes true.)

I’ve spoken about my fear of bears with human qualities before here on PopWatch (see here), but I’m not gonna lie: I’m into this idea, which seems like a bizarre mixture of Child’s Play, Lars and the Real Girl, and Toy Story. And this could be a great opportunity for MacFarlane to sway detractors who reduce his shtick to inappropriate offensive-for-the-sake-of-being-offensive fare about dim-witted men with hot wives and obnoxious kids. That’s assuming, of course, that MacFarlane will add more layers to this feature and not just center it on a dim-witted dude with a hot girlfriend and an obnoxious Teddy bear. Seeing as hot girl Mila Kunis is reportedly being considered for the female lead, perhaps I should worry…

Nah, I’m not going to. If only because one of the script writers is Family Guy‘s Wellesley Wild, a name that kind of sounds like Wesley Willis.

Tell me, PopWatchers: Are you eager to see Seth MacFarlane’s first film? Or are you tired of him making animals talk?

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