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Kara DioGuardi naked: 'A side of me they have never seen' (except for that one time on 'Idol')

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Image Credit: Norman Jean Roy/AllureAmerican Idol “fourth judge” Kara DioGuardi went the whole “clothing optional” route for a photo in this month’s Allure. “This shoot was less about beauty than about taking a risk and showing people a side of me they have never seen,” she said of the naked shot, which captures the tousle-haired, 1,000-thread-count glamour each and every one of us experiences when we wake up on a typical weekday morning.

Of course, Kara’s quote is not entirely true, as we all know this isn’t her first time at the skin-baring rodeo. Last year, during the Idol season finale, the Lady DioGuardi ripped off her navy, velcro dress like a saucy stripper and revealed a rock-hard, half-nekkid bod beneath, the better to upstage Bikini Girl’s hinky rendition of “Vision of Love.” Then again, as a person who has no issue with the personally trained, meticulously fed human form, I guess I should offer up an enthusiastic “You go, Kara!” and applaud her joie de nudité. In fact, let’s join together in musical celebration of Kara’s bravery, set to the music of the bridge of “No Boundaries”:

You can go naked

Just make the leap yeah

There are no boundaries

To go nude is deep yeah

Take off your clothes ’cause

There’s just you and your sheets

And your dreams

Every step you drop a bit of trou, girl

Every breath you’re flapping in the breeze…

There is no clothing

There is no clothing

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