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Blind Item update: Major season finale death clue!

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I’m nothing if not a man of my word: I promised you that today I’d tweet which show will feature what I’m 100 percent certain may be one of the most shocking deaths in any of this season’s finales, and guess what? Just moments ago, I did just that. In case you missed it, keep reading…

The original cast member whose character is getting whacked is on… Private Practice!

The Grim Reaper will pay a most unwelcome visit to the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off in the May 13 episode. I say most unwelcome as opposed to, you know, just generally unwelcome, because the person whose alter ego is being killed off is someone I — and most of you, my mailbag says — have been a fan of for years.

But that’s all you’re getting out of me. Okay, that, and this list of reasons it could/couldn’t be the following.

Kate Walsh (Addison)

Pro: Killing off the star of the show would certainly shake things up!

Con: She’s the star of the show!

Tim Daly (Pete)

Pro: His death would bring about a speedy resolution to the Sam/Addison/Pete triangle!

Con: It’s Tim Daly!

Audra McDonald (Naomi)

Pro: New York-based McDonald has been doing the bicoastal thing for three seasons, and all that air travel has to be taking a toll. Plus, Naomi’s death would clear the way for Addison and Sam to be together.

Con: She’s Addison’s BFF and only emotional constant.

Paul Adelstein (Cooper)

Pro: I honestly can’t think of one.

Con: He brings a welcome dose of levity to an otherwise emotionally charged medi-soap. His light touch would be sorely missed.

KaDee Strickland (Charlotte)

Pro: She has always been the outcast of the group, a point that was driven home even more painfully than usual in the wake of her estrangement from Coop.

Con: Every show needs a bitch.

Chris Lowell (Dell)

Pro: Lowell’s episode order was cut back this season. Has Shonda Rhimes been trying to wean us off Dell?

Con: He remains one of the show’s most popular (and demo-friendly) characters. Plus, Rhimes would never make sweet Betsy an orphan.

Taye Diggs (Sam)

Pro: He’s Addison’s partner-slash-crush and Naomi’s ex, so his death would have a cascading effect that would reverberate for many seasons to come.

Con: Have you seen that smile? Oh, and those abs?

Amy Brenneman (Violet)

Pro: Since her C-section from hell, she has proved to be emotionally unstable (not to mention the worst mom ever). Next step: suicide?

Con: Fans are just now getting over Judging Amy‘s cancellation!

Who do you think is getting whacked? Speculate away in the comments!

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