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'The Losers': Dudes, Guns, Zoe Saldana

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2010 is a big year for action movies about teams of wise-cracking badass dudes seeking vengeance using espionage and bazookas. You’ve got the A-Team remake, with that awesome flying tank. You’ve got Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, which is basically the Valentine’s Day of action movies (Bruce Willis! Jet Li! Dolph Lundgren!) And you’ve got The Losers, which doesn’t have quite the same star power as those other movies. It does, however, feature a scantily-clad bazooka-wielding Zoe Saldana. Decisions, decisions!

A series of new Losers clips has just appeared. Taken together, the clips indicate that Losers is definitely going for an adorably cartoonish level of grit. In one scene, protagonist Jeffrey Dean Morgan wrestles with Saldana all over a bedroom while a fire breaks out. It’s a bit like Shoot ‘Em Up:

Which badasses-on-parade flick will you go to see, PopWatchers? And which policy would make more money for Hollywood: adding 3-D to every movie, or adding bazooka-wielding Zoe Saldana to every movie?