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Blind Item: Major character killed off drama

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UPDATE: Major death clue revealed!

Come season-finale time, characters are always dropping dead on us. (Case in point: The looming fatality on Smallville.) But a certain increasingly popular primetime drama’s decision to kill off one unlucky stiff really surprised me. Why? Put on your thickest blind-item specs, and I’ll tell you!

First, the character in question is both an original castmember and a series regular. Second, said character is played by an Aushole fave — and if that doesn’t guarantee job security, what, I ask you, does? Third, there’s been no hint whatsoever that the Grim Reaper would be making a cameo. No mysterious headaches, no nagging cough, no bad hair days… nothin’.

So, who’s the guy (or gal) whose time is up?

Go ahead — dither, discuss, debate and gimme your best guesses below. But do it fast, because come tomorrow, I’m gonna narrow your field of options by, um, a lot: I’ll be revealing on Twitter via @ewausiellofiles which show the character is on!