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Today in meat: Infused cocktails and celebrities with carnivorous names

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Image Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/AMCJust in time for you to kick back with a Friday evening cocktail: Time‘s Joel Stein takes a hard look at the netherworld of meat-infused drinks. We’re talking vodka with beef bullion, whiskey with pancetta, and alcoholic chocolate shakes with a splash of BBQ sauce and a McNugget on the rim. (Yes!) This both makes me hungry and leads me to remember my favorite new blog that’s been making the rounds: An elegantly simple collection called Men With Meat Names. The usual suspects are all there: Lamb (Wally), Hamm (Jon), and the Bacons (Francis and Kevin). But some others still manage to surprise: Shia LaBeouf (Oui!), Chuck Norris, and Frank Langella. Take a look for yourself and then watch Stein sip a pancetta whiskey in the video after the jump. And if you’re the meat-eating, drink-drinking sort, may you have one served up to you in the near future.