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'Sex and the City 2,' new trailer: Longer! Gayer! And more pills?

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You can thank the Manolo Blahnik Gods for this one: Yet another Sex and the City 2 trailer has hit the ‘nets. (OMG!) And as my headline suggests, it’s Longer! Gayer! And there are more pills! Or, rather, there are more pills?!? What?!?

Yes, friends, we’ve gotten to the point in the SATC franchise where it can no longer be concealed: Samantha is old. Like, kinda really old. In this new trailer (which you can view after the jump), there’s a sequence that shows 50-plus Samantha fumbling through her pills-of-the-day box (what is the technical name for those things? should people under 60 even know what those are called?) to take all her supplements or whatever. And, of course, then comes the requisite sexual innuendo because, you know, taking lots of pills requires lots of swallowing: “How are you going to swallow all those?” Charlotte asks Samantha. (Three guesses for Samantha’s reply, and the first two don’t count!) “Have we met?” Samantha retorts, in her over-sexualized, deep voice that she saves for use innuendo situations.

As for the longer part of my headline—well, that’s pretty easy to figure out. There’s a lot more to this trailer, compared to the pithy clip that was released in December. Again: OMG!

And as for the gayer part—well, there’s only way way to describe that: LIZA! Literally, the clip of her performing at Stanford and Anthony’s wedding sent me into convulsions. Other gay-ish things of note: talk of lots of champagne, Miley Cyrus, and the moment when the ladies seem to be flirting with a pool full of boys, clad only in boy shorts. I mean! As if the SATC producer had to worry about their gay audience showing up, the deal is essentially sealed with this trailer.

Oh yah, and lastly: Aiden’s back! Guess there had to be some conflict, right? It couldn’t all be “Empire State of Mind” happy and hot flashes on camels in Abu Dhabi, right? But, what’s the “something’s happened” part of Aiden’s return? My guess is it’s no big D, but we shall see next month!

On a final note, I loved the sentiment that Samantha employs near the end of the trailer: “We made a deal ages ago. Men? Babies? It doesn’t matter! We’re soulmates.” Awwww. Um, that’s exactly why I love these ladies, pills and all. Enjoy:

What say you, PopWatchers? Loving the ladies’ pill-laced turn? Excited for Liza and Miley? Did any of the fashions in the trailer make you DIE?

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