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Feedback: 'Lost' and 'American Idol'

Readers respond to the current season of ”Idol,” the search for another ”Lost,” and Katherine Heigl

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Time for a Tune-up?

Michael Slezak’s ”Why Can’t the New Idols Sing?” is what we’re all saying. This season’s Idol is a complete bore! And please, Kara, quit cuddling Simon! You’re married, he’s engaged, and I’m nauseous!

Pam McWilliams

Waukesha, Wis.

Personally, I’m kinda enjoying Idol this season. It’ll be fun to see if any of the really young singers will blossom in the weeks ahead. It reminds me of Idol‘s early seasons, before semipro singers signed on for a shot at ”overnight” stardom.

Alex Strachan


In My Book…

It’s ironic that Stephen King wrote a column against Kindle, when it’s because of his giant Under the Dome that I bought my nook. His books are just too heavy to read.

Doris Bell

Olney, Md.

Lost Cause

I found ”In Search of the Next Lost an interesting read, but I don’t think it concentrated enough on the real problem plaguing network TV: the inability to count on time slots. It used to be, long ago in fairy-tale TV land, that schedules did not change dramatically in the middle of a season. There weren’t pseudo-pilots that ran three or four episodes and then vanished. That happens regularly now. We find a show we like, we commit to the time slot, and six weeks into the season it moves or disappears entirely or goes on an extended break, and we have to fight to find it in the spring.

Angela Hetzler


A mystery is a mystery because you don’t realize at first that’s what it is — you’re going along and you start noticing stuff that doesn’t make any sense. You pull the string, and it unravels into a big pile. That’s what Lost has been like. But all these imitator shows come out of the gate saying, ”Hey, look at this mystery!”

Steph Mineart


Mistaken Identity

Readers thought the brunet Katherine Heigl looked awfully, well, familiar. ”Strange how Lara Flynn Boyle ended up on your cover,” mused Sander Conron. ”A 20-year-old photo at that — it’s Boyle in her Twin Peaks era.” John Tilford wrote, ”Upon getting the new issue, I thought, ‘What, Tina Fey again?”’ Other readers saw resemblances to Kristin Davis (”I was so excited to see a Sex and the City cover!”), Winona Ryder, and Natalie Wood.

What’s the Whale Music?

Ed Zell wrote, ”Many thanks to music critic Leah Greenblatt for solving the mystery of the music track in the Acura ZDX commercial; now can she tell me what the track is on the Pacific Life ad showing whales flipping their tails?” ”Yes!” responds Greenblatt. ”It’s called ‘Pacific Life Fight Song.’ And it was composed specifically for the ad, so it’s actually only 30 seconds long. But there’s a ‘get song’ option in the advertising section of pacificlife.com that lets you upload it as a free ringtone.”