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When was the last time you yelled at your TV?

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Here at EW, we’re pretty passionate about our TV shows. So much so that we experience a whole spectrum of reactions while tuning into our favorite shows, as our Mandi Bierly outlined pitch perfectly a couple of years ago. But apart from moments that render applause, breathlessness, or fear, anger is my most visceral reaction. I can get so involved in a storyline that when the other characters are in the dark about a pivotal plot point, I just have to yell, “Noooooooo!”

It’s similar to that inevitable reaction you get while watching a horror flick. You know the scene: when the popular cheerleader/jock/insert high school stereotype here walks into the dark room without a flashlight (or a clue) only to get slashed by the murderer minutes later. The difference is, we, as viewers, get way more involved in the story progression of TV characters — and their not knowing what’s really going on can make for exciting, yet painful-to-watch TV.

Take for instance, last night’s 90210. Naomi continued her one-woman show, Liar, Liar, telling even more people that the new Blaze adviser sexually harassed her. Lies! When Liam was willing to take the heat for her, I nearly threw my pillow at the TV, shouting to Liam, “She’s lying! She doesn’t deserve you! She is just like Jen!”

OK, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel better. Has anyone else had a screaming fit with a TV show lately? And what was the cause of said emotional release?

Photo: Patrick Wymore/The CW