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Justin comes out on tonight's 'Ugly Betty': What are your favorite pop culture coming-out moments?

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There’s so much going on on tonight’s Ugly Betty that I can hardly contain myself. Along with Hilda’s wedding and Betty’s reunion with Henry, Justin (Mark Indelicato) takes a brave step and comes out as a gay teen. And in the scene (watch the video here), you can see just how touching the writers and actors made the pivotal, yet totally casual moment without filling it with overly saccharine mush.

If that doesn’t warm your hearts enough, Indelicato told Us Weekly last month why the moment makes him so proud: “I really am not doing this for myself. I’m doing this for everyone out there that doesn’t have a person to talk to, that doesn’t have a [mentor figure like] Marc St. James to chat with them. I went into [filming] saying this is history, we’re making history now, and I’m so happy that it happened.” Now my heart is a little puddle on the floor.

Justin’s scene made me think of other great coming-out moments on TV, like Ellen DeGeneres’ on her eponymous sitcom, Oscar on that insanely awkward episode of The Office, and Tony in Bend It Like Beckham, who had one of the best lines in the movie: “No, Jess. I really like Beckham.”

So PopWatchers, what are some of your favorite character coming-out moments in pop culture? And does that Ugly Betty clip pull at your heartstrings like it did for me? Sound off below!

Photo: Patrick Harbron/ABC