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'The Office' scoop: It's not over for Michael and Holly

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the-officeImage Credit: Chris Haston/NBC; Glenn Harris/PR PhotosDon’t let the recent introduction of Amy Pietz as a new love interest for Michael fool you, Office fans: Producers remain invested in the Michael-Holly love story, even if Amy Ryan isn’t currently around to help tell it.

“We’re definitely hoping [to bring her back] next year,” says executive producer/co-star Paul Lieberstein (Toby), who describes Michael’s dynamic with Pietz’ barkeep, Donna, as “very different” than the one he shared with Holly. “With Holly, they were both just goofballs on the same wavelength. I don’t know that’s what we’re seeing here. [Donna] has a lot in common with Michael… [but] it’s more circumstance that they’re together.”

Not surprisingly, the courtship hits multiple snags in the coming weeks when “Michael’s attempts to date her don’t work out,” previews Lieberstein. “So he brings her in to [Dunder Mifflin] to sell her some printers, managed print services and paper as a client and makes some very inappropriate advances.”

And what exactly does a bartender need a printer for? “She works at a big Dave & Busters-type chain,” explains Lieberstein. “They must have a back office there and maybe there was some need for a printer.”

What do you think, Michael/Holly ‘shippers? Is the new girl a genuine threat? Or is she just a placeholder until Holly returns? Hit the comments!