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'Pirate' Booby

”Pirates of the Caribbean 4” seeks actresses without implants

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The creators of the Pirates of the Caribbean films wouldn’t seem to be sticklers for historical accuracy. But the franchise apparently tries to be faithful to how women really looked in olden times. A casting sheet reportedly states that female extras for the fourth Pirates film ”must have real breasts. Do not submit if you have implants.” Auditioners were asked to run to prove their jiggle is authentic.

This sort of casting restriction isn’t new for period pieces, though not everyone insists on a jiggle-and-jog test. ”We try to be a little more subtle,” says Melissa Braun, a senior casting associate with Grant Wilfley Casting. ”With women, we’ll sometimes ask for photos in bikinis. We don’t want [anything] to be too distracting on screen. It should look like that body fits.”

Disney declined to comment, but sources say the studio used the same rules for previous Pirates films. Filmmakers shooting historical pics don’t just fret over implants. Hair highlights, overly buff bodies, and even tattoos can cause issues. ”We can’t do super-toned bodies,” says Braun. ”And no plastic surgery of any kind — because usually you can tell, unless it’s really, really good plastic surgery.”
With additional reporting by Adam Markovitz