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'Life' lessons

Some of the coolest creatures that have been featured on Discovery’s 11-part series

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Discovery’s 11-part series Life (Sundays, 8 p.m.) offers a breathtaking view of some of the most fascinating species on earth. We look at a few of the coolest creatures and what we’ve learned about them.

California ground squirrel
Lesson learned
To ward off its rattlesnake enemy, this cunning rodent chews discarded snake skin into a paste that it then uses to coat its tail. Gnarly? You betcha! But the smell then tricks the predator into thinking they are one and the same. Swallow that, snake!

Strawberry poison arrow frog
Lesson learned
Delinquent parents, take heed: This creature goes to great lengths, literally, to protect its offspring from the predator-laden forest. Carrying its tadpoles one by one, the fingernail-size frog climbs massive trees to place them in the safer haven of the treetops.

Basilisk lizard
Lesson learned
Hallelujah! The cold-blooded reptile has one up on fellow forest dwellers when evading hungry scavengers, thanks to its ability to walk on water for up to 100 feet. With such a supernatural talent, it’s no wonder the creature is nicknamed the Jesus Christ lizard.

Star-nosed mole
Lesson learned
What this land and water mole may lack in eyesight it makes up for with one heck of a schnoz. Its namesake feature boasts 25,000 sensory receptors that help it find, identify, and eat its food in a quarter of a second, giving a whole new meaning to the term ”fast food.”