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iPad apps for Netflix, ABC, and 'Plants vs. Zombies': Yes, please

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Image Credit: Peter Belanger/ABCThree big announcements today on the iPad front have me a lot more excited for the device’s entertainment future: ABC, Netflix, and Plants vs. Zombies are all headed to an iPad near you. Figure out a way for this thing to dispense beer, and I might have a new life companion.

PvZ is one of the best games of 2009, and its iPhone app is a total star. (And a blockbuster for PopCap — it’s one of the fastest selling apps ever.) The iPad version, which is HD, includes a few more levels, modes, and minigames, but its also able to take advantage of the multitouch screen on a much bigger scale. The game is incredibly addictive, so only buy it if you plan on giving up a major portion of your life to the joyous pursuit of zombie-slaying through the power of agriculture.

ABC (which also includes Disney, ESPN, and Marvel) announced its ABC Player app, which will stream full-length episodes of shows, just like ABC’s website. The intersection of Lost and iPad is pretty much how the Internet gets boners, so, well done.

Even better, Instant Netflix — seriously, one of the best things to happen to my viewing habits since DVR — will also be available on the iPad. Netflix reps have long insisted that the company’s goal is to be “ubiquitous,” so I’m not that surprised that they figured out a way to get around the iPad’s lack of Silverlight support.

More iPad games and apps are of course coming in the near future, so I’m holding out hope for a Hulu app. What about you, PopWatchers? What great entertainment app are you dreaming of?