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Foursquare: Forget Twitter!

The location-based social networking site aims to make its mark on social media

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Ever been out for the night and wondered, Where would Pauly D go? Thanks to location-based networking site Foursquare, you can now find out which L.A. club featuring topless women the Jersey Shore star calls ”a real classy nightspot.” On the heels of the Twitter-splosion, Hollywood has turned its attention to services like Foursquare, Gowalla, and MyTown, which let your buddies know where you are when you ”check in” to locations on your cell phone. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. promoted Valentine’s Day by listing romantic spots in various cities on Foursquare; the site has also launched partnerships with HBO, Bravo, and MTV. (Competitor Gowalla has partnered with Travel Channel.) But does knowing which restaurants are tops with Top Chef contestants actually, you know, get more people to watch Top Chef? Bravo marketing head Ellen Stone admits it’s hard to measure viewership impact. Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley sums up the Hollywood tie-ins this way: ”For now, it’s an interesting experiment.”