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Creed Bratton:The other Creed

”The Office” star has a brand-new CD and an unexpected rock & roll past

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The man who plays deranged Dunder Mifflin employee Creed on The Office has just released an album of good-time blues-rock. Surprised? Then you are clearly unfamiliar with Creed Bratton’s spell playing guitar and singing in the late ’60s with pop band the Grass Roots (”Let’s Live for Today,” ”Midnight Confessions”). It was, according to the actor, a period during which his antics rivaled the craziness exhibited by his small-screen character. ”The first time I dropped acid was at the Fillmore in San Francisco,” he says. ”My hands were pulsating with vortexes of energy. Obviously I couldn’t play, so I dropped my pants and let the pony dance!” So much for the drugs and the rock & roll. What about the sex? ”Let’s just say I whittled it down to a nub,” he laughs. Bratton left the band in 1969 and gradually transitioned into acting. After being cast in The Office, he based Creed on his former drug-drenched self. ”I cleaned up my act through the years,” says the actor, 67. ”But we don’t want to talk too much about that. It ruins the ‘Creed cred.”’

Bratton’s new album, Bounce Back, is his fifth solo release, and it features banjo playing by an unexpected guest: fellow Office cast member Ed Helms. ”He’s really into bluegrass,” says Bratton. ”I am, to my gonads, a rock & roll guy.” Meanwhile, another of Bratton’s comedy colleagues is urging him to pen a memoir about his musical adventures. ”Every few months Rainn Wilson says, ‘Creed, you’ve got to write this stuff down,”’ says Bratton. ”But I see all these wankers doing autobiographies and I just think, ‘Oh, please.’ Though obviously, I’ve got a much better story than most people.” No kidding, man.