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Tiger Beat: New revelations from 'Vanity Fair'

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In an article filed under Culture/Socity/Politics in its May issue (on stands today), Vanity Fair promises “the most complete account to date of the golfer’s secret life.” Remember life back in a different time before there were things like exposés and one-act play press conferences and photo spreads of a golf champion’s escorts sprawled hotel beds with their asses dangerously close to their room-service breakfasts? Me neither, silly! After the jump, we scatter a few Subway chicken wrap crumbs from “The Temptation of Tiger Woods”

  • People close to Tiger and his company knew about the affairs and helped mistresses schedule events and avoid tabloid mayhem
  • Something about a tampon…I can’t.
  • Tiger’s late father, Earl, was a womanizer and heavy drinker who once wore “little hot pants — short-shorts” to an awards dinner. The horror!
  • Sometimes Tiger, Michael Jordan, and a source named Robin Hood 702 would gamble privately in Vegas with “150 grand on one hand.” Tiger did this even though John Merchant had forbidden him from playing with that bad seed Jordan. “Are they [Jordan and Charles Barkley] his black role models? You’re got to be kidding me,” said Merchant.
  • The nicest thing cheap-ass Tiger bought for Mindy Layton was a chicken wrap from Subway. The only woman he did spend money on was Playboy model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, and she had to go on the shopping spree herself, just like Julia Roberts.
  • I really think Subway’s getting a bad rep here. There’s comfort in a Subway. Sometimes you’re walking down the street and the entire atmosphere is like WHOA STEAMED BREAD and you’re like “Where’s the Subway?” You spot it and continue with your day. It’s fun.

Image credit: Anthony Delvin/PA Photos/Landov