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'Bones' is back tonight!

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Image Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxBones returns tonight (Fox, 8 p.m. EST) with the first of eight straight new episodes. After seeing a young man die in a freak subway accident, Sweets thinks about what he wants out of life and makes a decision about his relationship with Daisy. Meanwhile, a writer from a Japanese magazine doing a piece on Brennan’s latest novel tails Tempe and Seeley (pictured), convinced that Agent Andy and Kathy are Booth and Brennan. The big reveal of that plotline: Brennan’s process for writing sex scenes. (Sadly, however, not a full description of that sex act on p. 187.) Watch two clips after the jump, then tell me: Is anyone else annoyed when they see a writer on TV conducting an interview without a tape recorder? It infuriates me. I can buy it when this writer is shadowing them in the field — it’s observational reporting. But when she finally sits down with Brennan in the episode, she still just takes notes. I get that it’s so Brennan could comment on what angle the writer is clearly interested in — which you can tell by when she starts scribbling —  but I doubt that a journalist, who has presumably come all the way from Japan for a story, would not tape the interview. Especially when her subject is such a stickler for accuracy.

Pop Culture Pet Peeve rant over.

P.S. While you’re programming your DVR, make sure it’s set to record next week’s David Boreanaz-directed 100th episode. With Sweets ready to publish his book on Booth and Brennan’s partnership — which theorizes that they’re in love and that the “sublimating energies of that connection” are what fuel their homicide investigations — they have to tell him the “first case” he based it on was incorrect. Flashback! We see their flirtatious beginnings, and build to a final few present-day moments that will blow your mind, even on rewind. At least that’s what I say when I review the episode in the new issue of EW and give it an A.