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'American Idol' Top 10 results show: Did the right person go home?

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And another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust! Harshly put? Of course. But alas, harsh is how the American Idol game is played. Which brings season 9 down to its top 9 — and only 16 episodes left till we crown a successor to the man who scored a platinum single with “Liiiiive Like We’re Dying.” [SPOILERS AHEAD, west coast friends!] As for Didi Benami, while her Top 10 debacle on “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” shows us that you’re only as speed-dial-worthy as your latest appearance, at least she leaves behind a legacy of solid performances — from “Terrified” to “Play With Fire” to “Rhiannon.” And unlike some of season 9’s other promising female contestants, at least she made the tour, right?

Okay, actually, DIDI’S ELIMINATION IS NONSENSE. There, I let it out. My therapist may not be happy about my inability to emotionally disengage from the Idol process, but that unbearable pressure in my chest just got reduced by 50 percent. Time to dial 1-800-Who-Z-F-Is-Voting-4-Tim? Also, if the Judges’ Save wasn’t going to be used to ensure that Robo-Katie Stevens wasn’t one of the last three women left on the stage, then why bother having it at all? Ah well, on the bright side, as season 9 semifinalist Alex Lambert’s recent admission into the If I Can Dream house shows us, sometimes the “journey” is darkest just before the cross-promotional synergy.

More on the whole group-performance-free telecast, including those performances by Diddy with Dirty Money  “Diddy Dirty Money” (surely, dude is approaching the outer limit of number of times one can acceptably change one’s stage name, yes?) and Usher when I post by full TV Watch recap in the early morning here at EW.com. [Update: Enjoy the full recap now.] Until then, check out the latest episode of Idolatry embedded below. Oh, and to get the latest updates on all my Idol news and musings, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak. Related: ‘American Idol’: 20 Songs We’d Ban from the Show Forever!

Bottom Three

Tim Urban

Didi Benami

Katie Stevens

Bottom Two

Tim Urban

Didi Benami


Didi Benami