Annie Barrett
March 31, 2010 AT 08:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Damon:Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Banks: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosWe’re excited about Ausiello’s exclusive scoop that Matt Damon will guest star on 30 Rock (as Astronaut Mike Dexter, if only in our dreams). It honestly seems like Tina Fey can get anyone she wants — Brian Williams! Bon Jovi! Serious actress Julianne Moore! — so who else would you love to see on the show? I’m thinking the 100 highest-paid actors in Hollywood should guest on the same episode in one of those produced-by-Jack Donaghy clip series of fake NBC shows. Sure, that would be totally manageable.

I can’t wait for Elizabeth Banks to return as Jack’s love interest — I need her to come back so she can guilt me into morning jogging. Yeah, right! And speaking of love-hate chemistry on 30 Rock…is anyone else still miffed that Lemon and Michael Sheen’s character, Wesley Snipes, couldn’t make it work? The first time I watched “Future Husband” I was half-asleep, but misinterpreted their apparently doomed coffee outing was the best first date ever instead of the worst. The whole time they sat there and dissed each other, I could have sworn both parties were really into it. I just watched the scene on Hulu again and stand by my preposterous claim, fully awake. Maybe I’m just too delighted by Lemon’s reaction to the term “bread back” to admit they were both cringing at every exchange. Ugh, fine, I just admitted it.

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