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The Tuesday-night TV pile-up: Which will you watch? The returning 'V'? 'Parenthood'? 'Lost'? 'Idol'? 'The Good Wife'? 'Justified'? Jeff Goldblum?

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Another Tuesday, another set of vexed TV decisions to make this evening. I count at least eight non-rerun possibilities for you to choose from.

Will you be a Lost viewer who’ll stick around afterward and see if the new run of V episodes draws you in?

Another Good Wife rerun this week. (Come on, CBS: Stop doling out The Good Wife in this piecemeal fashion. I get it that you’re putting the two NCIS shows in reruns so new episodes don’t run up against Idol all the time; however, you could own 10 p.m. with fresh Good Wife.) But CBS’s strategy is good news for the new episode of NBC’s Parenthood, whose ratings perked up a bit last week with no Wife to draw from what must be much of the same viewer-pool.

And how about Justified, on at the same time over at FX? Now in its third week, I can tell you we’re going to get a few more details about the wrong-side-of-the-law father of Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan. And — thanks for reminding me, Commenters! — Southland, terrific Southland has a new TNT episode tonight.

There’s even a new tug at your attention at 10 p.m. Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns on USA, and its fans will want to see departing cast members Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe begin their swan-song exits. Personally, I’m happy that Jeff Goldblum is taking over full-time, along with new co-star Saffron Burrows; Goldblum is that mixture of fine actor and unpredictable ham that gives a franchise such as L&O:CI a nice jolt of energy.

I left out one possibility: You’re a “reality” fan and will be watching/recording two hours of American Idol and the elimination edition of Dancing With The Stars to fill your night.

So I throw open the floor to you: What are your TV plans for this evening? What’s the stuff you cannot miss?

List ’em below, please. And your reasons.

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