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Does Paige Miles' 'Late Show' performance atone for 'Against All Odds'?

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I’ve been feeling for poor American Idol cast-off Paige Miles. While making the rounds on television talk shows, she’s repeatedly being subjected to video loops of her dastardly (how Simon of me!) performance of “Against All Odds.” But last night, Paige stopped by Late Show to sing for David Letterman — and, thankfully, she wasn’t forced to warble through the song she sang during what Annie Barrett called “the worst Idol performance EVER.” (Our own Mike Slezak thinks Camile Velasco’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” more deserves that title; I vote for John Steven’s season 3 performance of “Crocodile Rock.” It was so bad, it seems YouTube has even opted to not put it on its site.) Instead, she sang Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City.” And I have to say, dawg, she did her thang! Sure, the performance was a little season 2 — about the time when Wonder’s songs became tired on the reality show — but, hey, it was in tune! I’m guessing she’s finally gotten over that whole Michael Jackson thing. See the video after the jump!

Image credit: CBS