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Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens 'gloat' about Catholic Church child-abuse scandals

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On Real Time with Bill Maher last night, the host and guest Christopher Hitchens discussed the current new reports, and institutional cover-ups, of child molestation by Catholic priests. Hitchens and Maher, both committed atheists, cheerfully admitted they were there to “gloat” about the scandal, while casting the crimes in the most stark language. “Let’s not call it ‘child abuse,'” said Hitchens. “It’s the rape and torture of children.”

“This is the one crime one cannot think about without vomiting,” said Hitchens.

It was pretty invigorating to see and hear something like this discussed on TV, where the iron-clad rule is that there are two sides to every story, and the opposite side must be given air-time. As Maher noted, there’s no one who’s going to come forward and make the “pro-child abuse” case.

Of course, Hitchens is the man who wrote an entire book condemning Mother Teresa. Between his ferocious anti-Catholicism and the way Maher’s smugness can get in the way of even his good observations, I’ll bet there were some viewers watching this who thought, yeah, well, they have a point, but do they have to condemn everything about the Church?

What do you think?

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