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Movie Review: Hubble 3D

A documentary that is literally out of this world

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Hubble 3D | SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND Our favorite telescope in Hubble 3D
2010 Warner Bros. Courtesy of NASA.

The IMAX screen is the ultimate planetarium in the awesome documentary Hubble 3D. It hurtles you into outer space, along with a crew that traveled 350 miles above Earth to repair the Hubble telescope (as the planet looms like a vast milky-blue wall, we feel we too are walking on air). Then it takes you to really outer space, where we float ”through” the Hubble’s miraculous images — a trippy grand canyon of matter, with nebulas like exploding roses. In a marvel of perspective, the 3-D reveals each galaxy to be a mere drop in the cosmic ocean, which is itself just another drop. A