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Mike Vogel: How to play a doctor on TV

The ”Miami Medical” star dispenses tips on how to fake a medical degree

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Saving lives is a difficult job, and pretending to save them isn’t much easier. Mike Vogel, star of CBS’ new doctor drama Miami Medical (premiering April 2 at 10 p.m.), dispenses tips on how to fake a medical degree.

1. Learn the language
”It’s kind of like doing Shakespeare, not that I’m comparing it at all to it, but you’re having to learn a completely different language. And saying all these words as if you’ve said them a million times in your life. Like sternoclavicular dislocation and blah, blah, blah.”

2. Overcome your fear
”The truth is, I am absolutely scared stiff of hospitals. I hate them. [But] being around all this stuff, it didn’t faze me.”

3. There will be blood
”You have so much gack and gook all over you that you just feel accustomed to it, you feel naked without it. Once in a while my wife comes looking for me in the house and I’m covered head to toe in corn syrup. ‘Hi, honey!”’

4. Remember, it’s just a role
”It certainly gives you a false sense of ‘Oh, yeah. I can easily do this.’ But when the adrenaline gets pumping and someone’s life is on the line, all of a sudden you’re the actor saying, ‘Wait, can someone please say cut?”’