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Crappy by association: What movies, shows, and songs have been ruined for you by bad romance?

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Image Credit: Paul Natkin/WireImage.comI just finished reading Julie Klausner’s profane, hilarious new memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band, in which she recounts a veritable fail-parade of romantic encounters—like “please alert the FEMA clean-up crew” bad, not “oh, he didn’t pull out my chair for me at dinner” bad.

But what stuck with me was how associated her cavalcade of chronic masturbators, obese cheaters, and all-around nutballs was with certain movies, music, and TV shows: making out to Glengarry Glen Ross; believing a shared teenage love of Kids In the Hall and They Might Be Giants = true love 4ever; recoiling at a smelly boy bedroom filled with Star Wars paraphernalia or Family Guy DVDs.

For various heinous and highly subjective reasons, I can’t listen to the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame,” (junior high, your cuts run deep), hear a certain sitcom theme song, or watch the otherwise perfectly nice Merchant Ivory movie A Room With a View without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a plastic spork. I know you’ve got your own date-related pop-culture Waterloos, PopWatchers. Please share the ugly in our comments section below.