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The African Queen

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DVD FIT FOR ROYALTY Our critic raves over the extras on The African Queen
Everett Collection

The African Queen

Current Status:
In Season
Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley
John Huston
ActionAdventure, Romance

We gave it an A

Imagine if Melville’s Moby-Dick were out of print or if the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s were available only on beat-up vinyl. That’s pretty much where things stood with John Huston’s white-knuckle, white-water, Technicolor masterpiece The African Queen?until now. Making its long-overdue DVD debut, Queen has never looked better. Watching the gorgeously restored print, it’s as if you’re witnessing the classic film for the first time. And what a film it is. Bogart is hilariously crusty as a hard-drinking river rat who journeys downriver on a rickety steamer with a prim missionary (a flawless, lock-jawed Hepburn), trying to stay one step ahead of the Germans. The box set’s EXTRAS are an embarrassment of riches too: lobby card reproductions, a copy of Hepburn’s on-set diary, and a second disc with Bogie’s radio broadcast of the timeless adventure. A must-have. A