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Craig Ferguson had an awkward pause with John Cusack

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If I were you (and you know how much I like to imagine that), I’d watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson especially closely this week. Back from a week off spent, it sounds, promoting his voice-work on How To Train Your Dragon, Ferguson seems spunky and restless, ever more eager to up-end talk-show conventions.

He referred to himself as “the Scottish Conan guy,” and to his audience as “hobos” pulled in from the street. Later in the evening he called the CBS studio from which broadcasts a “boxcar.” There’s an increasing tone of impatience with his position in the show-biz world and the whole talk-show thing. (Before his week away, he’d been chafing at having to wear a suit and tie, “like a f—ing mortician.”) Whether it’s real or feigned, this mood is making for some excellent TV. As it did last night, when he and guest John Cusack, after discussing whether or not you could drink so much you become sober, engaged in an excellent extended, silent, “awkward pause.” (Pause occurs about 3:40 into this clip:)

Tonight, Ferguson’s guest will be Jay Baruchel, another star behind How To Train Your Dragon. I’d wager we’ll get more genial rancorousness from Craig.

What do you think?

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